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Exchange of views with J. Lemierre (BNP Paribas)

Normalizing monetary policy: way forward

Objectives of the roundtable Inflation, although falling, remains well above the 2% target: euro area headline inflation was 5.3% in July 2023, down from 6.1% in May, while core inflation remained unchanged at 5.5%. The inflation process has become more persistent. According to the ECB, “we will face several years of rising nominal wages, with … Continued

Financial stability: are risks under control? (strains from indebtedness and inflation, weakest links in the financial sector, non-bank finance)?

Objectives of the roundtable The session will discuss the financial stability impacts of the economic environment – characterized by persistent high inflation, low growth, very high levels of public, private debt and asset valuation in many countries and increased nominal interest rates – on the financial industry. The panel will also focus on the main … Continued

Exchange of views between MEPs: Priorities for the next Commission

Objectives of the roundtable The objective of this exchange of views is to assess the next Commission to improve the competitiveness of EU economies, further integrate the EU area banking sector and develop capital markets in Europe. Points for discussion The economic gap between the European Union and its main global competitors, notably the United … Continued

EU-Latin America: areas of cooperation (green transition, digitalisation, investments…)

Objectives of the roundtable The objective of this exchange of views is to identify the challenges and priorities for Latin American countries, and in particular Uruguay and Paraguay, related to the climate and digital transitions. Discussions on these matters are expected to be held from an economic and financial sector stand-point. Speakers will be encouraged … Continued

Bank diversity in Europe: consolidation and/or preservation?

Objectives of the roundtable During the last sessions organised by Eurofi on the diversity of business models, a consensus was reached between industry and public policy makers that: The variety of banking business models, provided they are viable and sustainable (i.e. profitable and resilient), is an asset to ensure financial stability in Europe and to … Continued

Impacts of AI and digital transformation (cloud, DLT, CBDC…) on financial markets competitiveness and stability

Objectives This session will first discuss the potential impacts of the use of new technologies on the competitiveness of European financial markets, the conditions for reaping the full benefits of technology in this regard and whether these evolutions are supported by the existing policy frameworks and those being implemented. The panel will also assess the … Continued

Open strategic autonomy and economic security strategy in the financial area: what are the priorities for the next Commission?

Objectives of the roundtable 10 years after the creation of the Banking Union and 7 years after the launch of the first CMU initiative, European banking and capital markets remain fragmented within the EU. On 19 January 2021, the Commission issued a communication which sets out how the EU can reinforce its open strategic autonomy … Continued