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Speech by Stefan Ingves

 Financial stability risks in Europe in the post-pandemic and Russia-Ukraine conflict context: indebtedness, inflation, asset bubbles,…  

Objectives of the session This session will assess the financial vulnerabilities raised in Europe by the dangers of rising and persistent inflation, lasting very negative real interest rates – asset bubbles, market fragmentation, liquidity trap -, the very high level of public debt in some EU Member States, the deterioration of credit risk and persistently … Continued

Future challenges for global infrastructures and cross-border payments

Objectives of the session Financial infrastructures – High Value Payments, Low Value Payments, central securities depositories, securities settlement systems, central counterparties, and trade repositories… at the global level must be reliable and cost effective in all circumstances. These infrastructures in which many banks and other financial institutions are participants to, and in many cases also … Continued

 Digital Euro: objectives and challenges 

Objectives of the session The highly innovative context specific to the digitalisation of commerce, provided the internet, mobile-phone, and distributed ledger technology adoption, has been requiring faster payments and accompanying ever widening choice of services often embedding or hiding payment ones. Eventually, the short-lived Libra initiative provided a wakeup call to all incumbents (i.e., banks, … Continued

Securitisation in Europe: quick fixes or deep overhaul?

Objectives of the session It is now increasingly acknowledged that the EU securitisation market is not taking off. In the face of this fact, some observers consider that securitisation products merely continue to face the stigma that rooted in the great Financial Crisis (GFC) the main triggers and amplifier of which has been securitisation (in … Continued