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New technologies in EU securities markets (DLT, AI…): use cases and regulatory implications

Day 1 Afternoon

Wednesday 08 September

Room :

Plenary Room 2


Jochen Metzger
Bundesbankdirektor - Deutsche Bundesbank
Public Authorities
Robert Ophèle
Chair - Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
Birgit Puck
Managing Director Securities Supervision - Austrian Financial Market Authority
Jessica Rusu
Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer (CDIIO) and Member of the Executive Committee - Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Industry Representatives
Emmanuel Aidoo
Head of Digital Assets - Credit Suisse
Berta Ares
General Director - Iberclear (BME)
Simon Janin
Head of Group Public Affairs - Amundi
Swen Werner
Managing Director, Digital Product Development and Innovation - State Street Bank and Trust

This session will discuss how the use of new technologies is progressing in securities market activities, their impacts on the provision of financial services in the securities markets and whether EU digital policies, notably those proposed in the EU Digital Finance Package, set out the main actions needed for accelerating the digitalisation of these activities, while mitigating the potential risks associated with these evolutions.

Points of discussion

  1. How is the use of new technologies (e.g. cloud services, AI, DLT…) progressing in EU securities markets? What are the opportunities associated with these developments for financial institutions, their customers and the CMU at large? What are the potential issues associated with new technology applications in securities market and what obstacles may hinder their uptake?
  2. Do EU digital finance policies such as the Digital Finance Package provide an appropriate framework for supporting the uptake of new technologies and leveraging their use in EU securities markets? Do these measures raise any concern? Are any additional measures needed?