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Managing risks in the EU banking sector with on-going changes in the macro environment

Day 2 Afternoon

Thursday 27 April

Room :



François Haas
Deputy Director General, Financial Stability - ACPR/Banque de France
Public Authorities
Anna Breman
First Deputy Governor - Sveriges Riksbank
François-Louis Michaud
Executive Director - European Banking Authority
Joachim Wuermeling
Member of the Executive Board - Deutsche Bundesbank
Industry Representatives
Christian Edelmann
Managing Partner Europe - Oliver Wyman
Tanate Phutrakul
Chief Financial Officer & Member of the Executive Board - ING Group


In less than a fortnight, three medium sized US banks have failed, and Credit Suisse has been taken over by UBS.
The session will assess the financial stability impacts of the recent banking turmoil and the economic environment – characterized by persistent high inflation, very high levels of public and private debt in many Member States and increased nominal interest rates – on the EU banking sector. The panel will also discuss how vulnerabilities in the non-bank financial sector can affect banks in Europe.

Points of discussion

  1. Are European banks immune to the recent banking turmoil?
  2. What are the main risks and vulnerabilities of the EU banking sector in the current context of persistently high inflation, weaker growth, near-record high levels of public and private debt, rising nominal interest rates, still very negative real interest rates and deteriorating credit risk?
  3. To what extent do vulnerabilities of non-bank financial institutions affect the EU banking sectors?