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ESG agenda: EU priorities (EU sustainability agenda, taxonomy, incentives…)

Day 2 Morning

Thursday 12 September

Room :

Fennia II - Roundtable


Andrew McDowell - Vice-President, EIB
Public Authorities
Nathalie Aufauvre - Director General Financial Stability and Operations, Banque de France
John Berrigan - Deputy Director-General, DG FISMA European Commission
Industry Representatives
Eric Campos - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Crédit Agricole S.A.
Jordi Gual - Chairman, CaixaBank
Dominic Rossi - Senior Advisor, Fidelity International
Snorre Storset - Head of Asset & Wealth Management, Nordea Bank Abp
Other stakeholder & expert
Edmond Alphandéry - Chairman, Euro 50 Group

Objectives of the session

The objective of the session is to describe the progress made by existing EU ESG initiatives and assess the efficiency of these strategies, which are a complex combination of forward-looking targets, transparency tools, governance arrangements, financing/risk reduction facilities and – last but not least – incentivisation frameworks.

The ultimate objective of the session is to identify possible needs for policy action in order to appropriately balance progressing toward each ESG ambition and smoothing related transition paths in the EU.

Points of discussion

What are the main features of the EU Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth and the progresses achieved so far by? What are the likely impacts of these progresses on the achievement of the EU targets for energy transition and decarbonation? What are the specific challenges posed by the transition of EU citizens and SMEs? What are the remaining challenges notably regarding the operationalisation of the various regulatory pieces?

What are the main features of the national and EU level incentive frameworks (prudential requirements, carbon price, national tax incentives…) regarding climate transition? What is their observed contribution to further progressing toward EU climate related targets?

What are the necessary steps required to further reinforce all ESG aspects in addition to the efforts made on climate related transition? What should be the subsequent priorities for the new EU Commission and Parliament?