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Cyber and digital operational resilience:  key factors of success (DORA / NIS 2 implementation, international cyber initiatives)?

Day 1 Afternoon

Wednesday 13 September

Room :



Gerry Cross
Director Financial Regulation, Policy and Risk - Central Bank of Ireland
Public Authorities
Denis Beau
First Deputy Governor - Banque de France
François-Louis Michaud
Executive Director  - European Banking Authority (EBA) 
Giuseppe Siani
Director General of the Directorate General for Financial Supervision and Regulation - Banca d'Italia
Industry Representatives
Matthew Martindale
Public Authorithyrtner, Cyber Security - KPMG LLP
Maria Tsani
Head of Financial Services Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs EMEA - Amazon Web Services (AWS)


This session will first discuss how the preparation of the Level 2 requirements of DORA is progressing and the key questions remaining to be addressed and clarified in the perspective of the implementation of the regulation.

The panel will then assess whether the agreed DORA and NIS2 texts and the amendments to existing financial regulations proposed in the context of the Digital Finance Package will allow the tackling of the main cyber and digital operational resilience risks that financial institutions are facing and identify potential issues that may remain to be addressed.

Points of discussion

  1. DORA implementation and CTPP oversight regime: Is the preparation of the Level 2 requirements of DORA on the right track? Are the key issues to be specified appropriately identified? What are the key pending questions? Are there major implementation challenges to be considered regarding the DORA and NIS2 frameworks?
  2. Expected impacts of DORA and further issues to consider: Will DORA allow an appropriate tackling of ICT and cyber-risks with adequate proportionality and future-proofing? What further issues may remain to be tackled in terms of cyber- and operational resilience (system-wide cyber-resilience, single points of failure, interaction between DORA, NIS2 and existing requirements, international cooperation…)?