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How far can technology transform financial services and what will be the major imPublic Authorithycts? (market structure and customer imPublic Authorithycts, regulatory and supervisory changes needed)

Day 1 Afternoon

Wednesday 13 September

Room :



Petra Hielkema
Chairperson - European Insurance and OccuPublic Authorithytional Pensions Authority (EIOPublic Authorithy)
Public Authorities
Sarah Pritchard
Executive Director, Markets and Executive Director, International - Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
Cecilia Skingsley
Head, Innovation Hub - Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
Joachim Wuermeling
Member of the Executive Board - Deutsche Bundesbank
Industry Representatives
Elie Farah
Managing Partner, Head of Financial Services for Europe - Oliver Wyman (UK)
Philippe Laurensy
Managing Director, Head of Strategy, Innovation, Product Developments and M&A - Euroclear S.A.
Maria Tsani
Head of Financial Services Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs EMEA - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Michael West
President - Moody's Investors Service


This session will first discuss the extent to which technology is transforming the provision of financial services, financial value chains and the financial market structure, the prospects ahead and the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with these changes.

The panel will also assess the key issues that digital and financial policies should focus on to support these changes while mitigating the related risks, whether these issues are appropriately addressed in the on-going policy initiatives and the further evolutions that may be needed in terms of policy-making and supervision to support an effective digitalisation of the financial sector.

Points of discussion

  1. How is digitalization changing the provision of financial services? What are the expected impacts on financial value chains and the financial market structure? What are the prospects ahead with an increasing uptake of digitalization and the potential introduction of new technologies? What are the main opportunities and challenges associated with these transformations?
  2. What impacts of digitalisation are most relevant from a policy perspective? Do EU financial frameworks and digital policies being implemented provide an appropriate framework for supporting the growing digitalisation of the financial sector? How do these initiatives compare with those undertaken in other jurisdictions? Do policy-making and supervision need to evolve to support an effective digitalisation of the EU financial sector?