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Exchange of views with Klaus Regling & Tuomas Saarenheimo

Day 2 Afternoon

Thursday 15 April

Track :



David Wright
President - EUROFI
Public Authorities
Klaus Regling
Managing Director - European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
Tuomas Saarenheimo
President of the Eurogroup Working Group and the Economic and Financial Committee - Council of the European Union

The reform of the EU fiscal framework and the transition for its re-implementation

The objective of this exchange of views is to assess the outlook for the euro zone’s fiscal policy rules when the Covid 19 crisis is in remission or over and to discuss when and how to reintroduce the fiscal rules of the Stability and Growth Pact. 

Speakers are invited to express their views on the right EU mechanism to be proposed in order to avoid unsustainable public finance trajectories, on the measures needed to encourage Member States to implement structural reforms, obeying rules that encourage the financing of public growth enhancing future rather than current expenditure and proposing a way forward that would finally make these EU measures effective.

Points of discussion

  1. What outlook is there for the euro zone’s fiscal policy rules when the COVID-19 crisis is over?
  2.  How and when to reactivate a new set of Stability and Growth Pact rules? How should the debt rule of the Stability and Growth Pact be reformed before being reintroduced? What EU mechanism would prevent unsustainable future public finance trajectories? How to encourage growth-enhancing expenditure?