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Future for the Banking Union and the single market for banking services

Day 2 Morning

Thursday 14 September

Room :



Harald Waiglein
Director General for Economic Policy, Financial Markets and Customs Duties & Member of the Board of Directors, ESM - Federal Ministry of Finance, Austria
Public Authorities
Gabriel Cumenge
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Banking and General Interest Financing - Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, France
Dominique Laboureix
Chair - Single Resolution Board (SRB)
Peter Palus
Member of the EFC/EWG & Head of Unit, Financial - Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to EU
Industry Representatives
Pier Carlo Padoan
Chairman of the Board of Directors - UniCredit S.p.A. (HQ)
Stanislas Roger
Vorstand, Member of the Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer, SMBC Bank EU & Executive Officer and Deputy Head, EMEA Division - SMBC Bank EU AG
Jukka Vesala
Head of Group Credit Risk Control - Nordea Bank Abp

Objectives of the roundtable

The session will first assess the consequences of not addressing ring fencing policies on financials stability and the competitiveness of banks in Europe. Then, the speakers will be invited to express their views on policy priorities to address the long-lasting home host issues and the conditions to consider transnational banking groups as integrated entities in the EU regulatory and supervisory practices and not as a collection of stand-alone banks. Lastly, the panel will focus on the key priorities to speed up the creation of a genuine single market in Europe.

Points of discussion

  1. What would be the consequences of not addressing ring fencing policies on the resilience of the Eurozone to economic shocks, on financial stability and the profitability and competitiveness of banks in Europe?
  2. Which policy priorities could overcome ring fencing policies and the fragmentation of the EU banking sector? How do we address the long-lasting home-host issues? What are the prerequisites and key success factors to abandon the solo approach for the definition of capital (including output floor) and liquidity requirements and reach an EU agreement to entrust SSM and SRB with effective powers to define the distribution of capital, liquidity and MRELs within cross-border banking groups?
  3. What should be the political priorities of the Member States and the European Union to speed up the creation of a genuine European single market and allow banks to deploy their lending potential effectively?