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EU consolidated tape and Single Access Point: ​what benefits, feasibility and way forward?

Day 2 Afternoon

Thursday 15 April

Track :



Benoit de Juvigny
Secretary General - Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)
Public Authorities
Verena Ross
Executive Director - European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
Hanzo van Beusekom
Member of the Executive Board - Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)
Industry Representatives
Nicholas Bean
Head of Electronic Trading Solutions - Bloomberg Trading Facility Limited
Stephen Berger
Managing Director, Global Head of Government & Regulatory Policy - Citadel
Daniel Mayston
Head of Market Structure and Electronic Trading - BlackRock
Nicolas Rivard
Head of Advanced Data Services - Euronext


This session will first discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of a European post-trade consolidated tape for the development of EU securities markets and whether the guidance provided by ESMA provides an appropriate way forward for its implementation.

The panel will also evaluate the potential impact for investors and issuers that is expected from the implementation of a European Single Access Point for EU corporate information, the conditions of success of this initiative and the challenges that need overcoming.

Points of discussion

  1. Consolidated tape (CT): What are the potential benefits and limitations of a post-trade CT for securities instruments? What are the main challenges and conditions of success for implementing it? What should be its scope and characteristics?
  2. European Single Access Point (ESAP): What impact is expected from the ESAP recommended in the new CMU action plan for investors and issuers? What are the key priorities in the ESAP project and the main challenges to overcome? Is the workplan proposed by the CMU HLF report the right way forward for implementing it?