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DLT and digital tokens: opportunities and challenges for the EU financial sector

Day 3 Morning

Friday 05 April

Room :

Constanta Room - Roundtable


Klaus Löber
Head of Oversight, ECB
Public Authorities
Leonardo Badea
President, Romanian FSA
Morten Bech
Head of Secretariat, Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures, BIS
Yuko Kawai-Yamada
General Manager for Europe, Bank of Japan
Joachim Wuermeling
Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Bundesbank
Industry Representatives
Guillaume Eliet
Head of Regulatory, Compliance & Public Affairs, Euroclear
Alan Marquard
Chief Strategy and Development Officer, CLS Group

Objectives of the session

The objective of this session is to discuss the experience that market practitioners and regulators have had so far with the development, the testing and use of DLT (distributed ledger technology) solutions, the future prospects of these solutions in the financial sector and whether an optimal model has emerged for DLT. The panel will also address the main challenges that a wider-scale development of DLT is facing and whether the current EU regulatory and supervisory framework can adequately support this evolution.

How digital tokens may be used on DLT platforms to support certain payment or settlement processes will also be discussed.

Points of discussion

How are DLT use cases progressing in the financial sector and what lessons can be learned from the initial stage of development of DLT solutions? Has an optimal model for DLT emerged in the market? Can widescale applications of DLT be expected in the near future? How may digital tokens facilitate certain payment or settlement processes supported by DLT?

What challenges (regulatory, technological, risk) may hinder the broader use of DLT and digital tokens in financial markets and processes? How may these issues be tackled and should a more ambitious approach to DLT be developed in the EU?