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Data challenges for the financial sector associated with AI

Day 1 Afternoon

Wednesday 11 September

Room :

Fennia II - Roundtable


Kostas Botopoulos
Advisor to the Governor, DPO, Bank of Greece
Public Authorities
Garrett O'Neill
Assistant Commissioner, Data Protection Commissioner, Ireland
Olaf Sleijpen
Director Insurance Supervision, De Nederlandsche Bank
Anu Talus
Deputy Data Protection Ombudsman, Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, Finland
Industry Representatives
Diana Paredes
Chief Executive Officer, Suade
Ermir Qeli
Head Stargate Services, Swiss Re
Diederik van Wassenaer
Global Head Regulatory and International Affairs, ING

Objectives of the session

The session aims at sorting out the challenges faced by both policy makers and market players in order to rapidly reap all the benefits expected from AI, without undergoing anticipated drawbacks.

Points of discussion

What are the main expected benefits of AI in the financial sector? What are the challenges related to AI?

What are the priority improvements to be achieve by financial firms to control AI technology outcomes, unlock existing data and develop processing capabilities, accelerate innovation and anticipate AI related business models transformation?

What are the policy challenges and priorities for the EU to foster EU financial sector performance, competitiveness and accountability regarding AI?