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Cyber-security and cyber-resilience in the context of increased digitalisation

Day 1 Afternoon

Wednesday 11 September

Room :

Fennia II - Roundtable


Mario Nava
Director, Horizontal Policies, DG FISMA European Commission
Public Authorities
Nathalie Aufauvre
Director General Financial Stability and Operations, Banque de France
Morten Bech
Head of Secretariat, CPMI, BIS
Marja Nykänen
Deputy Governor, Bank of Finland
Industry Representatives
Tony Blanco
Secretary General and Member of the Executive Board, La Banque Postale
Jason Harrell
Executive Director and Head of Business and Government Cybersecurity Partnerships, DTCC
Thomas Lillelund
Chief Executive Officer, AIG Europe SA

Objectives of the session

The objective of this session is to discuss how cyber-threats are evolving in the financial sector notably in the context of increasing digitalisation and outsourcing, the remaining areas of vulnerability and whether the on-going improvement of cyber-security and cyber-resilience approaches at the EU and global levels are sufficient to address these issues and evolutions.

Points of discussion

How are cyber-threats evolving in the financial sector notably with increasing digitalisation and outsourcing? How is the financial sector adapting to these evolutions and what are the main challenges ahead? Do cyber-threats pose systemic risks in the financial sector?

What are the main areas of improvement of cybersecurity and cyber-resilience approaches in the financial sector? Are existing policy measures and supervision at EU level sufficient to support cybersecurity and cyber-resilience? What improvements can be expected from the EU Cybersecurity Act and the next steps planned by the Commission?

What are the main challenges related to global cooperation on cybersecurity? Are existing processes adequate and how to strengthen international cooperation on cybersecurity? What can be expected from on-going initiatives at the international level such as the G7 cyber-security initiative?