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Competitiveness of the EU banking sector: key drivers and policy priorities  

Day 3 Morning

Friday 09 September

Room :



Sylvie Goulard
Second Deputy Governor - Banque de France
Public Authorities
Henrik Braconier
Chief Economist - Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
Helmut Ettl
Executive Director - Austrian Financial Market Authority
Nicoletta Mascher
Head of Financial Sector and Market Analysis - European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
Industry Representative
Fernando Vicario
Chief Executive Officer - Bank of America Europe

Objectives of the exchange of views

The session will first discuss the main features that should characterize the EU banking system to finance the needs of the EU economy, the reasons of the significant competitiveness gap between large EU banks and their American and Asian peers and the related consequences of such a gap. Then the panel will focus on the priorities to put in place to close this gap.

Points of discussion

  1. What should be the main European banking system features, in order to finance the various needs of European economies? e.g., degree of diversity of business models, level of profitability, openness of the European banking market to foreign banks…
  2. How can we explain the significant gap in competitiveness between the main European banks (GSIBs in particular) and their American and Asian competitors? Is that a problem? What are the consequences of the increasing market share of non-EU investment banks in the EU continent for the financing of the climate and digital transition and the EU economy and more generally for the strategic autonomy of Europe in the financial area?
  3. What operational and strategic drivers should banks put in place to close this gap? What should be the political priorities of the Member States and the European Union to speed up the creation of a genuine European single market?