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Are European investment product frameworks adapted to investor needs?

Day 2 Afternoon

Thursday 27 April

Room :



Michael McGrath
Assistant Secretary, Financial Services Division - Department of Finance, Ireland
Public Authorities
Barbara Antonides
Manager - Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets
Luís Laginha de Sousa
Chair - Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM)
Industry Representatives
Gino Del Sesto
Head of Government Relations, Europe - MetLife
Stéphane Janin
Head of Global Regulatory Developments and Public Affairs - AXA Investment Managers
Matthew Tagliani
Head of Product and Sales Strategy, EMEA ETFs - Invesco
Other stakeholder & expert
Gerben Everts
Executive Director - European Investors' Association


This session will first discuss the current trends in the European investment product market, whether the main investment needs are appropriately covered with the existing EU and domestic product categories (including UCITS, AIFMD, ELTIF, PEPP…) and the improvements that can be expected from the amendments to the fund frameworks due to be implemented (e.g. AIFMD, ELTIF reviews).
The panel will also assess whether any further improvements are needed to existing product frameworks to answer investor needs, whether more should be done to develop the cross-border distribution of investment products in the EU and what can be expected from value-for-money and product governance rules at the product level.
In terms of scope, the discussion will focus on packaged investment products that are structured under EU or domestic frameworks.

Points of discussion

  1. What are the current trends in the European packaged investment product market? Do the current investment product categories at EU and domestic levels cover the main investor needs? What enhancements can be expected from the changes adopted in the context of the AIFMD and ELTIF reviews? Are fragmentation and over-supply major issues in the EU investment product market?
  2. Are further improvements to existing product frameworks needed to foster capital market investment in the EU? Are any new product categories or labels needed at the EU level? What improvements at the product level can be expected from the value-for-money and product governance measures being considered in the context of the Retail Investment Strategy? Should more be done to increase the cross-border distribution of investment products? Should more emphasis be put on reducing fragmentation in the fund sector?