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AIFMD review: are changes needed?

Day 2 Afternoon

Thursday 12 September

Room :

Fennia I - Roundtable


Wolf Klinz
Union Investment Institutional GmbH, Non-Executive Director
Public Authorities
Gerry Cross
Director of Financial Regulation - Policy and Risk, Central Bank of Ireland
Nicoletta Giusto
Director of the International Relations Office, CONSOB
Marco Zwick
Director, CSSF
Industry Representatives
Joe Barry
Global Head of Regulatory, Industry & Government Affairs, State Street
Stéphane Janin
Head of Global Regulatory Development, AXA Investment Managers
Alexandra Richers
Managing Director, DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale
Other stakeholder & expert
Paul Schott Stevens
President & Chief Executive Officer, ICI Global

Objectives of the session

The objective of this session is to discuss whether AIFMD has achieved its objectives in terms of developing an EU market for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and mitigating the potential risks posed by these funds and if significant changes are needed to AIFMD rules.

The panel will also assess the implications for the EU AIF market of the measures recently adopted to encourage the cross-border distribution of funds and of the liquidity and leverage rules proposed by IOSCO.

Points of discussion

Have AIFMD rules generally achieved their objectives? Do you agree with the main conclusions of the report published by the Commission on the impact of AIFMD rules and potential weaknesses?

How may the current shortcomings of AIFMD be tackled? Are any significant changes to AIFMD rules needed and if so in which areas and with which objectives? What are the expected impacts on AIFs of the EU legislation on the cross-border distribution of funds? What are the possible implications for EU AIFs of the liquidity and leverage rules proposed by IOSCO?