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You will find below inspiring analyses and comments on the current Covid-19 crisis and the latest developments in EU and global financial policies from a diverse group of public and private sector representatives and also several new policy notes drafted by the Eurofi secretariat on these topics.

We thank all the contributors, and particularly the leaders of the Croatian Authorities, who despite the difficult circumstances provided their views on these key issues for the EU.

Video contributions

Priorities of the Croatian EU Council Presidency in the financial area and EU responses to the Covid-19 crisis
(recorded between April 17 and April 21).

Zdravko Marić
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Republic of Croatia
EU economic policy response to Covid-19
Boris Vujčić
Governor, Croatian National Bank
Consequences of policies to respond to Covid -19
Valdis Dombrovskis
Executive Vice-President, European Commission
EU responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
David Wright
President, Eurofi
A seminal moment for the EU

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Over 160 contributions from public and private sector representatives including:

K. Knot - H. Tarbert - P. Thomsen - S. Župan - J. Kukies - H. Waiglein - O. Renaud-Basso - C. San Basilio - E. Wimmer - A. Žigman - R. Holzmann - V. Vasiliauskas - P. Hernández de Cos - C. da Silva Costa - J. Wuermeling - B. Balz - D. Beau - S. Goulard - L. Badea - S. Švaljek - M. Drvar - J. Dixon - T. Amaya - M. Bech - N. Valla - JM. Campa - E. König - S. Maijoor - G. Bernardino - O. Karas - J. Berrigan - M. Nava - M. Merlin - O. Karas - P. Tang - S. Yon-Courtin - M. Ferber - U. Bindseil - E. Fernandez-Bollo - R. Ophèle - S. Albella - G. Figueiredo Dias - M. Corrêa de Aguiar - JP. Servais - J. Berg - J. Lemierre - B. Thompson - M. West - L. Liu - C. Michaud - J.A. Álvarez - J. Viñals - J. Gual - B. Spalt - K. Schackmann-Fallis - B. Sibbern - M. Bayle - S. Revell - D. Maguire - R. Laiseca - D. Borowski - J. Haegeli - D. Stone – M. Ronner - D. Zurkow - W. Ervin - A. McDowell - P. Heilbronn …

Z. Marić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Croatia - Priorities of the Croatian Presidency

B. Vujčić, Governor, Croatian National Bank - Challenges for economic policymaking of the “Great Lockdown”

D. Wright, President, EUROFI - A seminal moment for the European Union

D. Cahen, M. Truchet & JM. Andrès, EUROFI - Covid-19: are challenges for the EU financial sector all new?

We thank the Croatian EU Council Presidency
and the partner institutions
for their support to this publication

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