The Eurofi High Level Seminar
20, 21 & 22 April 2016 – Amsterdam 2016

Growth, resilience and digitalisation: challenges and opportunities

The Eurofi High Level Seminar 2016 took place in Amsterdam. We thank the Netherlands Government and all its authorities for their cooperation, hospitality and warm welcome in Amsterdam.

The aim of this international event, which gathered more than 800 participants, was to facilitate open and interactive discussions between public decision-makers and leaders of the financial industry on the major on-going reforms in the financial area and the economic and monetary issues impacting the financial sector in the EU.

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About Eurofi

Eurofi is a European thinktank chaired by David Wright dedicated to financial regulation and supervision and a platform for exchanges between the industry and public authorities.



Eurofi members are global and regional financial institutions operating in Europe and covering the main sectors of the financial industry (banking, insurance, market infrastructures, asset management, credit rating agencies…)