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The Eurofi High Level Seminar 2014
Athens, 31 March - 1 April

Combining resilience and growth

An event by invitation only organized by Eurofi in association with the Greek EU Presidency and open to a targeted audience of public and industry representatives of the public authorities and the financial industry.

The aim of this Seminar is to facilitate open and interactive discussions between public decision-makers and leaders of the financial industry on the major on-going reforms in the financial sector.

The challenges posed to the financial sector by growth and financial stability objectives and the project to move towards an effective European Banking Union will be the main focus of the seminar.

Many key regulatory topics and projects on the agenda of the EU Commission will be discussed on this occasion taking into account the global context: the long term financing of the EU economy (financial mechanisms to answer to needs of infrastructure projects as well as those of SMEs and midcaps including proposals to relaunch sound securitisation), E.U. Single Resolution Mechanism, the calibration of banking prudential requirements, Solvency 2 and global insurance regulations, market infrastructure regulations and the recovery and resolution of financial market infrastructures, systemic risk mitigation in the asset management sector, the challenges raised by collateral use and reuse, global consistency and cross-border implementation of financial regulations. A specific session will also be organized on the priorities for the forthcoming EU Commission in the financial area.

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Main topics

  • Economic trends (macro and business) in an evolving economic and monetary union
  • Perspectives on the financial reforms under way
  • Cross-border implementation and global consistency of OTC derivatives and bank requirements
  • Suggesting key priorities for the forthcoming EU
  • Expected evolution of bank and market intermediated financing and of the competitiveness of the EU financial system following on-going reforms
  • Calibration of banking prudential requirements and expected impacts on lending
  • Supporting the financing of long term projects
  • Providing appropriate financing tools for EU SMEs and madcaps
  • Implementing the Banking Union, the SRM and the BRRD
  • Challenges regarding the comprehensive assessment and stress testing of EU banks
  • Defining global insurance regulations
  • Implementing Solvency II
  • Financial Market Infrastructure reforms
  • Addressing the risks and mobilisation challenges of expanding collateral use and reuse
  • Addressing systemic risks in the asset management sector

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