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The Eurofi Financial Forum 2014
Milan, 10, 11 & 12 September

Relaunching growth in the current EU economic and regulatory environment

An event organized by Eurofi in association with the Italian EU Presidency and open to a targeted audience of public and industry representatives of the public authorities and the financial industry.

The aim of this Forum is to facilitate open and interactive discussions between public decision-makers and leaders of the financial industry on the major on-going reforms in the financial sector.

A large part of the debates will be devoted to the priorities for the new EU Commission and Parliament in the different sectors of financial regulation and to the role the financial sector may play in fostering growth in Europe. The progress made with the implementation of the G20 commitments and the way forward to ensure sufficient consistency of rules at the global level will also be key elements in the programme.

Attendance to this Forum is by invitation only and free of charge.































Main topics

Addressing the fragmentation of the E.U.

  • Conditions for solving financial fragmentation within the EU with the implementation of the Banking Union
  • Towards a fiscal union?
  • Evolution of the EU regulatory and supervisory institutions

The challenges for EU banks in the context of on-going regulatory evolutions

  • Progress made in the resilience of the financial system
  • Challenges for EU banks in the context of on-going regulatory evolutions
  • Structural banking reform projects in the global context
  • Feasibility of bank crisis management at the global level

Regulatory challenges regarding electronic financial and payment services

  • Trends in EU electronic financial services
  • The retail electronic payment area and remaining regulatory challenges
  • Big data opportunities and challenges, cyber security, safety of online transactions, …

Prospects of the E.U. Insurance sector

  • Next steps regarding the regulation of the EU insurance sector in the global context
  • Impacts of EU regulations on the prospects of the EU insurance industry

Completing Markets and Asset Management regulation in the global context

  • Achieving greater safety and efficiency in EU securities and derivative trading and post trading
  • Defining an appropriate recovery and resolution framework for FMIs
  • Completing the EU regulation of asset management and shadow banking
  • Conditions for implementing market regulations consistently at the global level

Financing the E.U. economy

  • Challenges posed by the deleveraging of EU economies, falling creditand the weaknesses of inflation and growth
  • Providing long term investors with appropriate financing tools
  • Stimulating EU corporate bond and equity markets
  • Revitalising the market for securitised loans in the EU Economic and financial policy priorities for the incoming EU Commission to relaunch growth in the EU

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