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2012 Eurofi High Level Seminar – Copenhagen
Copenhagen, 29 March

What role and evolution for the financial system and its regulation to ensure a sustainable financing of the EU economy?

A closed-door event organized by Eurofi in association with the Danish EU Presidency gathering many prominent public and industry decision-makers. This seminar addressed the main regulatory issues impacting the EU financial sector and its role in the financing of the economy at the midway point of the Danish Presidency of the European Union.

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More than 70 leaders from public authorities and the financial sector, spanning Europe, G20 trading partners and supranational organisations, took part in a series of informal debates attended by an audience of over 200 representatives of the authorities and the financial industry.

Main topics

  • Appropriate design of financial regulations to combine financial stability and sustainable growth
  • Transitioning from a bank led to a more market led economy in the context of public and private deleverage
  • Global dimension of financial regulations and possible solutions to third-country access to the EU and extra territoriality issues
  • Improvements to the EU crisis management framework to mitigate systemic risk and reduce moral hazard
  • Possible impacts of on-going regulatory reforms on the structure of EU capital markets
  • Challenges of macro prudential supervision
  • Possible consequences on emerging countries of the new regulatory framework
  • Broad lessons from the sovereign crisis and possible options to reduce its impact on the financial system

Main speakers

Many prominent speakers from the EU and non-EU public authorities took part in the discussions of the Copenhagen seminar with the members of Eurofi
  • Ashley Alder, Chief Executive Officer, Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong
  • Svein Andresen Secretary General, Financial Stability Board
  • Michel Barnier Member of the European Commission, Responsible for Internal, Market and Services, European Commission
  • Nils Bernstein Governor, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Sharon Bowles MEP and Chair, European Parliament, Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
  • Per Callesen Governor, Danmarks Nationalbank
  • Agustín Carstens Governor, Banco de México
  • Jaime Caruana General Manager, Bank for International Settlements
  • Andrea Enria, Chair, European Banking Authority
  • Stefan Ingves, Governor & Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Sweden
  • Steven Maijoor, Chair, European Securities and Markets Authority
  • Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank
  • Olli Rehn, Vice-President of the European Commission, Responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs, European Commission
  • Mark Sobel, Deputy Assistant Secretary, International Monetary & Financial Policy, US Department of the Treasury
  • Thomas Steffen, State Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Germany
  • Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor, Financial Stability, Bank of England
  • Margrethe Vestager, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic and Interior Affairs & President of the Ecofin, Ministry for Economic and Interior Affairs, Denmark
  • Martin Wheatley, Managing Director, Financial Services Authority, Financial Services Authority, UK
  • David Wright, Secretary General, International Organization of Securities Commissions

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